Concrete & Clay Tile

Tile is a beautiful and durable roofing material used in residential and commercial applications. It is made from clay or concrete and typically comes in curved, fluted or flat shapes. Clay tile is usually barrel-shaped and red in color and is often called Spanish tile.

Concrete tiles can simulate the appearance of traditional clay tiles, wood shake, slate and stone. Like clay, concrete tile surfaces can be textured or smooth and tile edges can be ragged or uniform. They are resistant to hail, wind, and fire, making them a very safe roofing material when properly installed.

Tile roofs are a heavy material. They are more than three times the weight of a comparable asphalt composite shingle roof. That means that the framing of the roof supports must be sturdy enough to carry that extra weight.

Maintaining Your Tile Roof

Even though tile is a durable product it still requires maintenance to reach its full lifespan and prevent potential leaks. We recommend annual inspections with your tile roof and full maintenance every 3-7 years based on site conditions. Replace broken or chipped tile when identified. Keeping debris off your tile roof is a critical part of ongoing maintenance. Since most tile roofs are elevated off the roof deck, debris can find its way under the tile which can block water flow. When water can not flow in its designed path it will cause leaks and destroy plywood and underlayment.

Give us a call today and we can setup a maintenance program to ensure your roof reaches its full potential.